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Welcome to Martha Washington!

"A Gem In West Philadelphia"


Thank you for visiting our website. Martha Washington Academics Plus School is a West Philadelphia neighborhood school serving students in grades K-8. Here at Martha Washington we pride ourselves in offering every student an optimal educational experience grounded in rigor, relevance and relationships. We absolutely love what we do because at the core of all we do are the amazing young people that we get to call our students.

It is our belief that each student has a unique purpose and that they deserve to have a great education in an environment where they are acknowledged and loved. We commit daily to cultivating an environment where students will have their academic boundaries pushed and where they will be given a voice. With the guiding hands of our dedicated staff and the support of our parents and community we hope to develop and nurture our students to reach their full potential.

When the time comes for our students to transition from Martha Washington we strive to have empowered our students with the foundational skills needed to be successful in the successive phases of their life’s journey and to be impactful members of the community.


Scholarship – We believe that all students deserve a high quality, equitable and rigorous education.

Originality – We believe that everyone has a unique purpose that only they can fulfill.  Therefore, we strive to cultivate an environment where students can be their unique self.

Accountability – We have a NO EXCUSES policy, and we take ownership of the outcomes resulting from our choices, behaviors and actions. Therefore, leaders, teachers, parents and students will hold ourselves accountable for our success!

Respect – We hold ourselves in high regard; therefore, we honor and respect others.

Happy Autism Awareness Week

We are excited to celebrate Autism Awareness Week! Everyday will bring something new to learn along with fun school wide activities! We can’t wait to see everyone participate in this week long celebration!