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Welcome to Martha Washington!

Congratulations to Hope McDowell and Kate McGrath for getting noticed for their excellent work with ASAP Drama Club!

Of course, we can’t forget to shout out Max the Immortal and Speedgamer the Cyborg!

You can check out the story here!

A Story From Planet Hot Sauce!

Scholarship – We believe that all students deserve a high quality, equitable and rigorous education.

Originality – We believe that everyone has a unique purpose that only they can fulfill.  Therefore, we strive to cultivate an environment where students can be their unique self.

Accountability – We have a NO EXCUSES policy, and we take ownership of the outcomes resulting from our choices, behaviors and actions. Therefore, leaders, teachers, parents and students will hold ourselves accountable for our success!

Respect – We hold ourselves in high regard and therefore honor the dignity and worth of others.